Personnel Security

Reduce the risks from people within your organisation by applying good personnel security practices.


Recruit the right person

Pre-employment checks are the foundation of good personnel security. They reduce the risk of a trusted person harming your organisation or business.

Set the right expectations

Set clear expectations about security. New employees, employees changing roles, and contractors, must understand your security policies and practices as soon as possible after joining your organisation.

Ensure their ongoing suitability

Effective pre-employment checks reduce the risk of threats to your people, information, and assets. However, people and their circumstances can change.

Managing contractors

Giving a contractor access to your information and assets comes with the same security risks as for permanent employees, and some extra risks. The main risk is that a current or former contractor will accidentally or maliciously misuse their trusted access to harm your organisation’s people, customers, assets and information, or reputation.

Manage their departure

Managing people’s departure well protects your organisation’s security and reputation.

National security clearances

Ensure your people have the right level of national security clearance before you grant them access to any information and resources classified as confidential, secret, or top secret.

Evaluating your personnel security

Evaluate your organisation’s personnel security measures to make sure they meet your current needs, and evolve as your risk environment changes over time.