Physical security

This section has information and tools to help your organisation set up effective physical security measures to protect your people, information, and assets.


Why physical security matters

Physical security is a key component of your health and safety regime. Physical security combines physical and procedural measures.

Mandatory requirements

The core physical security requirements that mandated government agencies must follow and other organisations should consider as best practice.

Management protocol for physical security

Keep your organisation secure with robust physical security. Reduce the risks to your organisation’s people, information, and assets.

Take a risk based approach

Your organisation’s unique context and potential threats determine which physical security measures you need. When you take a risk-based approach, you can ensure your physical security measures are right for your organisation.

Creating a security culture

Everyone in your organisation contributes to your security culture. No amount of investment in physical security will be effective without the right security culture.

Physical security planning

Plan your physical security to fit your organisation’s needs.

Understand the physical security lifecycle

Understand and follow the physical security lifecycle to protect your organisation’s people, information, and assets.

Managing specific scenarios

Guidance on a range of scenarios that each have specific security requirements.