Security campaigns to help improve security behaviours in your organisation.


Classify it!

The Classification System was refreshed in 2022. The following resources have been created to enable you to communicate what people in your organisation need to know.

It happens here

A lack of understanding about insider threat is a potential blind spot in New Zealand’s security culture. Use these campaign resources to help you raise awareness of insider threat at your workplace.

Think before you link

This security campaign gives practical advice on how to identify a malicious online profile, how to respond if approached, and how to minimise the risk of being targeted in the first place. When people in your organisation are networking online, criminals and foreign state actors may target them, using fake online profiles to try and gain access to valuable or sensitive information and resources.

Protection against Foreign Interference

LATEST UPDATES: Due Diligence for Foreign Interference and Espionage Risk This guide is to help you mitigate the risks associated with Foreign Interference. You can also adapt the approaches here to help mitigate reputational and other risks, including those coming from criminal activities or industrial espionage.