Physical security


Working away from the office

Consider the situations that your people might face when they are working away from the office.

Will they be working at home? In remote-locations? In someone else’s building? Overseas?

People are using portable computing and mobile communications devices to work remotely in a variety of ways and places, such as:

  • taking work home
  • working in the field
  • working from vehicles
  • working from hotels or conference venues
  • visiting client offices
  • working while on public transport.

 Mobile and remote working is now the norm, yet many people are unaware of the threats that they face.

Your organisation must take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal security of your employees when they’re working away from the office.

Use your risk assessments to work out when your need increase protection for your people. In some cases, you may need to extend protection to family members and others.


Page last modified: 2/10/2018