Physical security


Using NZSIS-approved products

Protect your organisation’s people, information, and assets and using approved security products from the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS).

The NZSIS tests and approves security products that:

  • safeguard protectively-marked information with a Business Impact Level (BIL) of high or above
  • prevent widespread loss of life
  • require specialist testing.

If you’re a government organisation, you must use NZSIS-approved products when they’re necessary to meet security zone requirements and mitigate risks you’ve identified in your risk assessment.

These approved items are listed in the NZSIS Approved Products List (APL). The information in the list is classified. Contact the PSR team for more information.

If your organisation wants to use NZSIS-approved products and similar commercial equipment for lower level security needs, your chief security officer (CSO) must get advice from the NZSIS first.

Page last modified: 11/11/2021