Physical security


Closed-circuit television

Consider using CCTV when your organisation is developing 'security in depth' for a site.

CCTV is a visual deterrent to unauthorised access, theft, or violence. It can be used to cover:

  • site access points, including internal access to higher security zones
  • site perimeters
  • access to specific physical assets or work areas.

CCTV also gives a visual record of access for audit purposes.

Considering CCTV

The benefits of CCTV may include being able to:

  • monitor event-activated alarms
  • use it along with a security alarm system (SAS) to help those responsible for responding to the alarm
  • use it along with an access control system to aid personal identification for remote site entry control
  • use motion detectors
  • use visual analytics (suspicious package detection).

However, a CCTV system can be a significant capital cost. On-going monitoring, maintenance, and support costs may also be high.

You will also have to comply with all relevant jurisdictional legislation governing CCTV usage. For information about complying with the Privacy Act 2020, refer to the Privacy Commission’s guide: Privacy and CCTV: A Guide to the Privacy Act for Businesses, Agencies and Organisations.

 Other considerations on the use of CCTV include:

  • how its use fits into your overall security plan for the site
  • which types of security incidents you anticipate and what your expected response to those incidents might be
  • how you will advise your people and visitors that it is in use on the premises
  • what your functional requirements are.

If you will use CCTV to support criminal proceedings, the quality of images or data should be suitable for use as evidence.

Be aware that:

  • computers used to store CCTV images may require significant memory space.
  • excessive compression of data may severely affect the quality of images stored.

 You should also consider how long you will need to retain the images. 

Seek specialist advice before you design and install a CCTV system to ensure the proposed system meets your needs.

Page last modified: 17/02/2021