Physical security

Physical security measures can be more expensive and less effective if they’re introduced later. So consider your physical security requirements at the earliest stages — preferably during the concept and design stages.


Design physical security early in your processes

PHYSEC2 - Design your physical security

Consider physical security early in the process of planning, selecting, designing, and modifying facilities. Design security measures that address the risks your organisation faces and are consistent with your risk appetite. Your security measures must be in line with relevant health and safety obligations.

Site planning

Organisations must assess whether the physical security environment is acceptable as part of their regular security risk assessment. Use your site-specific risk assessments to help you: prepare site-specific security plans include security requirements within other site development plans.

Apply good practices

Good practices you should follow when designing your physical security.

Specific security measures

Guidance describing the use of specific security measures.

Get your physical security design accepted

Before you can implement your physical security measures, your chief security officer (CSO) or other delegated person must accept the proposed security design.