Information security


Identifying national security information

Use the Classification helper flow chart to help you identify national security information.

Classification helper flow chart

Definition of ‘national security information’

National security information is defined as any official information or resource (including equipment) that records information about, or is associated with, New Zealand’s:

  • protection from espionage, sabotage, politically-motivated violence, promotion of communal violence, attacks on New Zealand’s defence system, acts of foreign interference
  • protection of territorial and border integrity from serious threats
  • defence plans and operations
  • international relations (significant political and economic relations with international organisations and foreign governments)
  • law enforcement operations (where compromise could hamper or make useless national crime prevention strategies or particular investigations; or adversely affect personal safety)
  • national interest (relating to economic, scientific, or technological matters vital to New Zealand’s stability and integrity).

Does all national security information need to be protectively-marked?

National security information should only be protectively marked if its compromise or misuse could damage national security, the New Zealand government, commercial entities, or members of the public.

Page last modified: 2/10/2018