Physical security


Implement your physical security measures

During this phase, you implement the agreed physical security measures, including policies, processes, and technical measures.

Build physical security into your business relationships and contracts

Work with your suppliers, co-tenants, and landlords to ensure they understand and can meet your security requirements. Build good physical security into your contracts and partnerships.

Remember to include all relevant measures or outcomes identified in your site security plans in building design briefs, requests for tender, and contracts.

Manage your planning and building processes

You need to account for the risks involved in the planning and building lifecycle. Make sure your physical security measures are implemented when there are new builds, refurbishments, or assets shifted from one workplace or area to another. Take the implementation process right through to when assets and information are retired or destroyed.

Maintain records

You need to maintain records throughout the build process to support your certification and accreditation processes. These records may include:

  • photographs showing construction techniques
  • certificates confirming equipment has been installed by a certified installer.


Page last modified: 2/10/2018