Physical security


Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond, Recover

Physical security measures aim to protect people, information, and assets from compromise or harm through the following techniques.


Deter or discourage unauthorised people from attempting to gain unauthorised access to your facility. Implement measures that unauthorised people perceive as too difficult or needing special tools and training to defeat.


Detect unauthorised access as early as possible. Implement measures to work out whether an unauthorised action is occurring or has occurred.


Delay an unauthorised access attempt for as long as possible to allow an effective security response to be activated. Implement measures to slow the progress of a harmful event.


An effective response counters the anticipated activity of an unauthorised person within a time appropriate to the delay measures. Prepare measures to prevent, resist, or mitigate the impact of an attack or event.


Take the steps required to recover from a security incident. Plan to restore operations to as near normal as possible in a timely manner following an incident.

Page last modified: 2/10/2018